Western Cooking Class

TRAINING PERIOD: 05 months. ( 5 days / week )


Nutritious Theories – Food Safety Regulations- Ingredients – Menu – Culinary Techniques of Western Dishes.

Culinary Techniques of Western Dishes (70 dishes)- Preparations and Practices. The course is divided into 2 modules





  • Air-conditioned classrooms with modern equipment classrooms and study materials meeting international standards.
  • Teachers with intensive working experience in international hotels and restaurants and in-depth training overseas.
  • The training certificate is recognized domestically and internationally.


  • Graduates can work at cooking section of restaurants or hotels.
  • STHC Employment Center will assist support graduates in looking for jobs in hotels and restaurants upon request.

ulinary Techniques of Western Dishes (70 dishes)- Preparations and Practices.

  1. 3 kinds of stock
  2. Smoked fish chowder soup
  3. Omelette
  4. Pumkin soup
  5. Greek salad
  6. Spaghetti seafood
  7. Fresh ravioli with pesto sauce
  8. Fresh tortellini with mushroom sauce
  9. Tuna tarta with avocado and mesclun
  10. Mushroom ravioli with slow cooked scampi with fava bean
  11. Pork goulash
  12. French onion soup
  13. Salmon salad
  14. Beef rossini
  15. Potato dishes
  16. Beef steak
  17. Pork provencal
  18. Nicoise salad
  19. Spaghetti Bolognaise
  20. Ceasar salad
  21. Tuna sandwich
  22. Frog leg salad
  23. Cauliflower soup with salmon mousse and almond foam
  24. Classic Italian fresh lasagna
  25. Potato salad
  26. Ratatouille
  27. Vegetable cream soup
  28. Pork chop BBQ
  29. Choux
  30. Cream caramel
  31. Tomato terrine and grilled eggplant, Mozzarella with pesto sauce
  32. Pan seared seabass, mashed pumpkin, stuffed zucchini flowers
  33. Seafood felly with fruit, coriander and avocado salad
  34. Pan fried salmon and scallop ratatouille with capsicum
  35. Assorted of pizza


  1. Potato  cream soup
  2. Braised chicken in red wine
  3. Bean and bacon soup
  4. Oven baked chicken with parmesan and tomato concase
  5. Prawn fettuccine
  6. Seafood skewers
  7. Tian salad
  8. French chicken baby wrap clay with croquette potato and porcini sauce
  9. Moules frites
  10. Stuffed mushroom
  11. Maryland crab cake
  12. Pork cordon bleu
  13. Hungarian beef goulash with paprika, garlic crouton
  14. Supreme of chicken with saffron risotto and creamy prawn sauce
  15. Grilled fresh water prawn with baked eggplant
  16. Grilled tartar salmon with baked lump fish
  17. Beef burger
  18. Chicken chasseur
  19. Rolled crab meat salad with capsicum and mango wasabi, mixed herb
  20. Roasted duck breast with honey, pumpkin puree and orange sauce
  21. Chicken fajita
  22. Grilled lamb rack with veg cous-cous and chilli coca sauce
  23. Crab fantasy with curry oil and onion pickles
  24. Pan seared duck breast with spicy honey
  25. Smoke teriyaki scallop with carrot mash, crispy lotus root, truffle foam
  26. Lamb fillet crusted with hazelnut and herb, blackened cassava, asparagus, soy daikon, belt tuile, mint gravy
  27. Pork loin with apple sauce
  28. Grilled vegetable
  29. Stuffed quail with mushroom
  30. Seabass fillet with butter sauce
  31. Pan fried seabass and fennel
  32. Roasted lamb rack fillet with sautéed young potato and goat cheese
  33. Shrimp bisque
  34. Rib eye steak
  35. Braised duck with olives






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