What We Do

Saigontourist Hospitality College offers a range of educational experiences to suit each student. Our programs range in length from month long courses to our two year diploma programs. We are committed to preparing students to be the face of the service/tourism and hospitality industry, wherever they dream to go.


Saigontourist Hospitality College (STHC)

Many of our programs have specializations. This provides students with the opportunity to focus their studies on a distinct area of interest, giving them an advantage when they enter into the field. For example the cooking program has a range of culinary styles you can specialize in, including concentrations in traditional Vietnamese cooking, flavors from across Asia, as well as Western cuisine.

Saigontourist Hospitality College offers foundational classes across all programs of study that build a theoretical education foundation for the students. This includes options ranging from basic conversational English, to physical education, political science, communication skills and customer service, and much more.

As they progress in their studies, students gain hands-on work experience. Students put their work into action in skills classes, which take place in real work settings. STHC’s facilities include a working restaurant, a laundry room, fully equipped kitchens, as well as a working model of a 4-star hotel lobby, bathroom and sleeping quarters. This allows students to learn in the actual environment they will be working in.


Our in-house restaurant, all student run, and open to the public


One of our many fully equipped kitchens.


The front office of our on campus practical hotel.


A glimpse inside a mock-hotel room classroom.

Along with the extensive theoretical and practical curriculum, students are given the opportunity to take part in an internship. Students have are able to work at our partner facility, the First Hotel, to gain hands-on experience at a functioning four-star hotel. The school maintains a number of partnerships and relationships with industry leaders across Vietnam, and the world, that give students a variety of internship possibilities.

Graduation exams include both theoretical and practical tests, so that graduates of STHC maintain a wide breadth of knowledge. This ensures that our graduates leave the college with a comprehensive understanding of their field, often with real experience gained by interning with top organizations in the industry. STHC’s curriculum continues to be improved and perfected with input from many highly skilled industry-leading instructors, ensuring that our school remains a leading tourism and hospitality school in the country.