Vietnamese Cuisine Class

TRAINING PERIOD: 05 months. ( 5 days / week )


  • Theory of nutrition – Food hygiene and safety
  • Food processing theory
  • Practice of fruit and vegetable decorative carvings
  • Practice of cutting, slicing and tossing

Practice of processing 70 traditional dishes from Northern, Central and Southern Vietnam, which is divided in 2 modules




  • Air-conditioned classrooms with modern equipment classrooms and study materials meeting international standards.
  • Teachers with intensive working experience in international hotels and restaurants and in-depth training overseas.
  • The training certificate is recognized domestically and internationally.


  • Graduates can work at cooking section of restaurants or hotels.
  • STHC Employment Center will assist support graduates in looking for jobs in hotels and restaurants upon request.

Practice of processing 70 traditional dishes from Northern, Central and Southern Vietnam

  1. Sakura hotpot
  2. Hanoi-style rice vermicelli with grilled pork
  3. Seafood-stuffed chicken wings with spicy sauce
  4. Steamed rice cake and shrimp sausages
  5. Vietnamese grilled pork sausages and fried shrimp rolls
  6. Pomelo salad
  7. Seafood fried rice
  8. Chicken noodle soup
  9. Rice noodle soup with snakehead fish
  10. Crispy Spring rolls
  11. Fresh Spring rolls
  12. Hai Phòng-style crab noodle soup
  13. Ha Noi grilled fish
  14. Stir-fried swamp-eel
  15. Fine rice vermicelli with grilled beef
  16. Steamed Broken rice with grilled pork chop and meat patty
  17. My Tho – style rice noodle soup
  18. Fried noodles with char xiu, shrimp and pork
  19. Quang noodles
  20. Hotpot of beef and lotus rhizome
  21. Duck with fermented bean curd
  22. Sasami goat meat with sesame seeds and vegetables
  23. Braised carp with alpinia
  24. Vietnamese steamed rice cakes with mung bean & shrimps
  25. Vietnamese streamed shrimp rice cakes
  26. Sugar cane prawns
  27. Frog Curry
  28. Chicken dipped in fermented cold rice
  29. Salt & Pepper Squid
  30. Seafood hotpot
  31. Salad with coconut shoot, shrimp and pork
  32. Crab Soup
  33. Sticky rice coated with mung bean
  34. Square Crab spring rolls
  35. Red tilapia Hotpot


  1. Grilled beef with banana leaves
  2. Ho Tay -styled shrimp cake
  3. Soya noodles with shrimp and celery
  4. Steamed seabass with soy sauce
  5. Tamarind Shrimp
  6. Snakehead fish sour soup
  7. Steamed stuffed eels with coco juice
  8. Satay hotpot
  9. Rice vermicelli soup with chicken, eggs and pork rolls
  10. Anabas cooked with fishsauce bowl
  11. Hop pot with fermented fish
  12. Plotosus canius with bamboo shoots
  13. Vietnamese sizzling pancakes
  14. Pork and shrimp tapioca dumplings
  15. Hue beef noodle soup
  16. Rice vermicelli soup with pork rips and night-scented lillies
  17. Vietnamese beef noodle soup
  18. Mixed salad
  19. Coconut Braised beef
  20. Rice vermicelli soup with seasoned pork paste
  21. Vietnamese appetizers
  22. Stir-fried blood cockles with tamarind
  23. Goat meat hot pot
  24. Goat meat curry
  25. Seabass hot pot with spring onions and chilis
  26. Beef mustard green rolls
  27. Squid and taro salad
  28. Salted fish fried rice
  29. Stuffed snails steamde with ginger leaves
  30. Grilled chicken with salt and chilli
  31. Smoked ostrich
  32. Crispy Pata
  33. Grilled calamari in satay sauce
  34. Fermented fish hot pot
  35. Noodle soup with eye round steak







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