STHC Newsletter - September 2018

Mekong Delta Study tour in the flooding season 2018

In this September 176 tour guide students of STHC joined the 6-day study tour to discover the Mekong Delta at its most interesting time of the flooding season when alluvium and aquatic products grow in abundance. The students also visit Phu Quoc island, also known as Pearl island due to its landscapes and fresh environment, and Cape Ca Mau National Park, an ecological system of natural salt-marsh forests with high values in terms of bio-diversity, landscapes, environment, culture, and history.



SBC Women Football Tournament

During two days 20 and 21 September 2018 the women football team of STHC took part in a mini tournament hosted by the trade union of SCB (Saigon Commercial Bank). This annual event is among several important activities organized by SCB for the benefit of all staff who join in.



Mid-autumn festival for STHC staff’s children

As a tradition, STHC organized mid-autumn festival – with folk games, music, etc. for children of its staff. This year the festival – held on 22 September – also welcomed orphans from Hoa Mau Don (Peony) orphanage to join in.



2018 National Housekeeping Skill Contest

The contest is among several activities organized during the National Tourism Year 2018 in Ha Long of Quang Ninh province this September.

Two candidates from STHC – Phuong Duy and Dinh Tu – took part in this contest. Phuong Duy won third prize in the flower decorating contest (photo below)