STHC Newsletter October 2018

Hospitality and tourism freshmen at STHC attended the Encounter with Successful Professionals in Hospitality & Tourism held from 8 to 10 October 2018. During the program the school’s teaching staff and particularly 12 alumni – who are now successful professionals in hospitality and tourism – gave newcomers orientation and inspiration for their future career.



New Students Inspired with Youth Union’s Spirit of Enthusiasm

Over the period 8-12 October 2018 the organization of Youth Union at STHC held a workshop on Youth Union’s ideals to all freshmen. The aim of the workshop was to arouse in new students the sense of social responsibility and to help them integrate quickly into the learning environment of STHC



2018 Orientation Tour

The 3 day tour in Lam Dong province of the Central Highland – with many interesting activities for freshmen – attracted more than 1,300 students. This year the orientation tour combined with the academic opening ceremony. The success of the event gave a positive kick-off for the new academic year 2018-2020.

Returning from this orientation tour, Maegen Guse – a volunteer from Canada with a 3 month mandate at STHC – expressed her feeling in emotional words: ”The last, and very important part of the program was the closing ceremony.  I must say I wasn’t prepared for so much emotion, tears, and happiness filling my heart during this ceremony. The love and energy among staff and students were very evident especially thing what we all went through since day one. Everyone was very proud of the work that was put into this trip and how much everyone got out of it, it truly was heartwarming.”



2018 Revolutionary Music Festival

In celebrating the 320th anniversary of the founding of Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City (1698 – 2018) Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union organized the  festival with the aim to educate young people on patriotism and revolutionary traditions. The music group from STHC’s Youth Union joined the festival with two performances and was selected for the semi-final.




With the booming of tourism international festivals like Halloween have become popular events in Vietnam. Halloween festival this year was organized on October 30 at STHC attracting more than 100 students, most of whom were freshmen of 2018-2020 academic year. The event provided students with opportunities for fun as well as practicing the skill of event planning.