Culinary Arts
Major: Culinary Arts
Level of training: Vocational degree
Form of Training:  Full time
Admission Requirements: High-school graduates or equivalent
Training time: Two years

As a graduate of Professional Culinary Techniques – Asian Cuisine –  Western and European Cuisine you are skilled in the art of food preparation and presentation of Asian cuisine, Western and European cuisine.


Students who choose to pursue an education in the culinary arts will gain the tools necessary to become a successful chef here in Vietnam, or anywhere around the world.

Our culinary arts students are trained to specialize in a number of different cuisines including Asian, Western and European.


For knowledge: Graduates can be able to

Present basic knowledge of tourism and communication skills.

Describe preparation techniques of raw ingredients; techniques of vegetables and fruit carving and food presentation; the theory of food and spices combination; cooking techniques of food and making stocks, sauce; baking and pastry art; making desserts

Present the interrelationship between culinary department with others in a restaurant and food catering businesses.

Realize tourists’ psychology and their culinary culture.

Describe procedures of food procurement and food nutrition

Describe method of calculating portions of dishes

For skills

Apply the acquired knowledge to plan menus for guests.

Perform techniques as a professional cook in restaurants, hotels and other food processing facilities.

Cook Vietnamese, Asian and European dishes.

Decorate and present different kinds of dishes.

Handle workplace situations in processing food and know how to efficiently work in team.

Communicate with cooks, co-workers, guests as required by the positions.

Comply with food and labor safety regulations and environmental protection.


General subjects

  1. Politics
  2. Introduction to Laws
  3. Physical education
  4. Military education
  5. Introduction to Informatics
  6. Basic English

Basic subjects and modules

  1. Overview of Tourism
  2. Communication Skill
  3. Communicative English
  4. English for Cooks
  5. Culinary culture
  6. Nutrition
  7. Menu Planning
  8. Food Cost Control
  9. Food Service Techniques
  10. Specialized Subjects and Modules (Asian Cuisine)

  11. Culinary Techniques and Essentials
  12. Techniques of fruit and vegetables carving
  13. Techniques of cutting, slicing and tossing
  14. Culinary Techniques of Vietnamese traditional dishes (35 dishes)
  15. Culinary Techniques of Vietnamese Dishes (35 dishes)
  16. Culinary Techniques of Banquet Dishes (30 dishes)
  17. Culinary Techniques of Asian Cuisine (30 dishes)
  18. Kitchen Supervisory Skills
  19. Internship

Specialized Subjects and Modules (Western and European cuisine)

  1. Methods of processing food
  2. Techniques of trimming and decorating food
  3. Techniques of cutting, slicing and tossing
  4. Techniques of cooking French dishes (35 dishes)
  5. Techniques of cooking European dishes (30 dishes)
  6. Techniques of cooking high-skilled European dishes(30 dishes)
  7. Techniques of making 30 kinds of European cakes
  8. Supervision skills of Culinary department
  9. Internship
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