Level of training: Vocational degree

Training time: Two years

Form of training:  Full time

Candidates: High-school graduates or equivalent

Employment opportunities after graduation: Graduates of Tour Guiding can work

  • As inbound tour guides or head guide for outbound tours
  • As sales agents, tour operators, team leaders of tour programs

Training objectives

Our Tour Guiding program inspires students to become the friendly faces that represent their country to the rest world. Students are equipped with an in depth knowledge of tourism, communication skills, marketing, geography, Vietnamese culture, customer needs, and more.

Learners mainly study the business of tour operation – both in theory and in practice. Students will learn how to design and arrange tours in various destinations while learning to consider external factors such as time limits, costs, weather conditions, and health conditions of guests.

The curriculum also aims to provide students with an understanding of tourism related marketing. Our students are taught how to promote their tour services, along with practical business skills like payment procedures and keeping files. English language skills are also emphasized, and students have various opportunities to advance their English.

Our Tour Guiding program gives students the skills for successful careers as tourism marketers, tour operators, local tour guides, speciality tour guides, and beyond.

General objectives

+ Knowledge

  • Having good overview of tourism and hospitality; have communication skill and tour marketing, geographic tourism, Vietnamese culture and history, tourists’ psychology
  • Understanding activities and tasks of a tour guide
  • Having good knowledge of tour guiding activities, travel agencies, procedures of tour services.
  • Understanding customers’ needs, tour resources and related services such as hotels, restaurants, transportation and additional services; knowing how to allocate tour destination upon weather or customers’ finance and health.
  • Understanding interrelations among service providers, procedures of tour allocation, pricing methods
  • Organizing and solving tour-related situations in tour guiding
  • Knowing the significance of communications, marketing & promotions, analysing information to support sales activities

+ Skills

  • Designing tour programs
  • Doing advertising and sales campaigns for tour programs
  • Conducting tour programs
  • Giving information of destinations on sites or on means of transportation
  • Hosting games, activities and holding events
  • Solving difficult situations during tours
  • Doing auditing, administrational services, transactions
  • Guiding and consulting tours to customers
  • Communicating with guests in English


General subjects

  1. Politics
  2. Introduction to Laws
  3. Physical education
  4. Military education
  5. Introduction to Informatics
  6. Basic English

Basic subjects and modules

  1. Overview of Tourism
  2. Communication skills and customer care service
  3. Tourists’ Psychology
  4. Tour Marketing
  5. Communicative English
  6. English for Tourism
  7. Geography and travel resources
  8. Vietnamese cultural
  9. Vietnamese history
  10. Religious study

Specialized subjects and modules

  1. Techniques of tour guiding
  2. Practice of tour guiding (Tours of HCM City- Phan Thiet + Mekong Delta)
  3. Techniques of Travel Services
  4. Routes of tourist destination in the Southern parts of  Vietnam
  5. Routes of the tourist destination in the Central parts and highland of Viet Nam
  6. Routes of tourist destination in the Northern parts of VN
  7. Skills in cheerleading
  8. Tour Internship (Tour from HCM City- Quang Binh)
  9. Graduation Internship






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