Level of training: Vocational degree
Form of training:  Full time
Candidates: High-school graduates or equivalent
Training time: Two years

Employment opportunities after graduation: Graduates of Bartending & Drinks Business can work as Bar, Restaurant bar, Management bar or team leaders at restaurants. The school offers jobs for graduates.


Training objectives

Knowledge: Graduates can

- Have an overview of tourism and hospitality

- Understand tourists’ psychology and culinary culture

- Knowing the work process of gastronomic products and service styles

- Understand the significance of food hygiene in restaurants and catering services

- Have basic knowledge of work processes in catering services

- Understand the roles, work process and job descriptions of waitstaff, bartenders and service techniques

- Know how to use facilities and bartending tools

- Classify alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks: features, characteristics, ingredients, production method and rules of bartending and serving

Skills: Graduates can be able to

Conduct work process in restaurants from preparation stage, welcoming guests, setting tables, taking orders and and closing them.

Efficiently communicate with guests and handle guests’ complaints.

Communicate with guests in English and understand restaurant terminology

Prepare and serve standardized alcoholic and nonalcoholic in techniques and decoration

Supervise standards and work process of serving food, bartending and service

Comply with food hygiene and sanitation, environmental protection

Have time-management skills


General subjects

  1. Politics
  2. Introduction to Laws
  3. Physical education
  4. Military education
  5. Introduction to Informatics
  6. Basic English

Basic subjects and modules

  1. Overview of Tourism
  2. Communication skills
  3. Communicative English
  4. English for Restaurant & Bartending
  5. Human resources
  6. Techniques of baking
  7. Trimming and making vegetables, fruit decors
  8. Accounting
  9. Specialized subjects and modules

  10. Bartending Skill
  11. Restaurant Business
  12. Making and serving nonalcoholic drinks
  13. Making and serving spirits
  14. Making and serving fermented wines
  15. Showmanship
  16. Barista
  17. Making smoothies and milktea
  18. Advanced bartending techniques
  19. Drinks management
  20. Internship







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