The introduction of International Relations Office

The International Relations Office was established in March 2018, directly under the Training Department. It is aimed at seeking opportunities for internships, exchanges and going abroad connected to education through joint educational programs with STHC’s universities or colleges partners in other countries. These joint educational programs are formed based on firstly, the comparison of the programs in different schools to STHC. Following this, the university or college partners will consider exempting STHC’ graduates from modules or adjusting the number of years/semesters to be completed if STHC’ graduates want to gain higher degrees and certificates. Such as, Advanced Diplomas or Bachelor Degrees. In addition, some exchange programs, paid internships, and working while studying abroad opportunities will give STHC’ students the chance to experience advanced learning and working environments in foreign countries. Helping them to accumulate knowledge, improve working skills and foreign language skills.


The International Relations Office is a reliable place for young people who are seeking advice and guidance on the procedures for studying and working abroad. Currently, The International Relations Office is focusing on English-speaking countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, as well as some other European countries such as Luxemburg, Belgium, Switzerland, etc.

The International Relations Office is also where the planning and organization of short-term training and exchange programs with partner universities or colleges takes place. The office is constantly concerned with seeking and developing relationships with governmental and non-governmental organizations to take advantage of human, physical and financial support for the school, including scholarship programs, if available.

The International Relations Office will regularly keep in contact with the Trade Affair of the General Consulate of US, Canada, and Australia, to stay updated and receive potential partners introduced by the Trade Affair to the school.

Finally, the International Relations Office is a place to meet and connect students looking to participate in the International Relations volunteer program which gives students the opportunity to listen, speak and practice English, helps them to develop the quality and potential to develop themselves as well as contribute to the development of the class, school….


  • Office of International Relations, STHC (Room A107)
  • Email:
  • Tel: (028) 3811 2301